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Monday, August 31, 2009

once again!
Mr Lee like the card?!
lol. byebye!


Written by; 6B`ians

Get well soon Warid!

posted by JX. :]

Written by; 6B`ians

Sunday, August 30, 2009

6B`09 wishes all teachers, ...
and hope that teachers around the world too!

posted by:

Written by; 6B`ians

Hey there .
Will be posting too to keep this blog alive .
To all that posted , there would always be Get Well Soon Warid .
So , i will do that too .
And i agree with the previous post that most of the girls wished
him to get well soon but few of the boys or even dunno how many dont ?
And , the blog is getting more alive with wishes for him .
Good that we care about our classmates .
All for one , one for all yeah .
Ps. I know i talking crap so if you have read it until here ,
I would have to say sorry to you guys for posting crap . (:
Teehees , bye .

Recover soon Warid !

OneandOnly , Adilah .

Written by; 6B`ians

I got a hard time trying to log in as I've forgotten the username.
Well, since everyone is blogging, hoping that Warid will get well soon,
I think I should join in. =P
This is myy third time now,

Looks lyk the girls care about Warid more than the boys.
I've got alot of crap here. Psps. :B

Written by; 6B`ians

Saturday, August 29, 2009



*constance and jolyn said they luv you :x*

Written by; 6B`ians

Friday, August 28, 2009

YES . :D

See , everyone cares . (:

Written by; 6B`ians

lol, another get well wish!

Written by; 6B`ians

From 6b'09 :D

Written by; 6B`ians

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hi peopleeeeeee . ive not been posting on the classblog :x
ohhk ,
goodluckk for prelims and psle .
i am a guaikia .

k bye :D


Written by; 6B`ians

Friday, August 7, 2009

random video?


Written by; 6B`ians

Thursday, August 6, 2009

heyhey , posting a random post .
tmr celebrating national day .
and i asked my mum to take for me the brochures .
you know how much she take ?
16 , but then gt more pics marh .
but too bad she take only one piece each .
tmr everybody must wear red t-shirt okay !
i wearing the cheer you up t-shirt one .
red colour .
tmr must make sure wake up early .
bcos mr lee say cnnt come aft 7.15 .
i dunno cn or nt .
so , i have nothing more to say .
byes .

To All P6'es , Good Luck FOR Prelim and PSLE ! must jiayous ! ;D

Kumiko , ADILAH .

Written by; 6B`ians

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

176 post
whao, post so many times already :D
erm, okay so tomorrow got...
haha. be careful, muahaha. lol.
lucky if you read this. haha.


Written by; 6B`ians

Monday, August 3, 2009

yoyoyoyo .
lol .

spammer :
aiya .
you spam our blog also no use ones.
one click , all your spams are deleted .
and fyi , your banned ! :D
yeah , i know you're very boliao ^^
but you can do other things instead of spamming right ?
lame pig.
somemore , we don't even understand korean .
so no point wasting your time typing korean words which WE don't understand. ^^
so ta-da !
oh yeah .
and please .
spam other ppl or other classes' blog .
if you got nth to do , tell me .
i give you something to do .
you can sweep the floor for me . ^^
jkjk .
i dun care who are you or what la .
alien i also dunno .
i'm just washing my hands out of this .
ask other ppl to handle.
lol .

-sereneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . {:

Written by; 6B`ians

Sunday, August 2, 2009

HI .
sure , i very pek cek doing hw .
lol .
not sure if need to do the compo .
lol .
okay .
i dun post le .
byeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

-serene .

Written by; 6B`ians

ok at last all is done ?
the old tagboard is there already .
if you all accidentally deleted the tagboard ,
cn ask me for it .
so dont need make new one ?
goodbye for nw .

Written by; 6B`ians

Okay. Someone, who said she wanted to change the skin, killed the skin. But its okay, i have forgiven her. lol. Dont worry ah. :D Next time, ask us first lar. Now the blog all messed up, need to find new blogskin. Me and Adilah trying to help.

So yeah, we're trying to re-edit and change skins. I'll leave it all to adilah. The tagboard has been changed too. -.-

please dont change tagboards. just let it be like that.
keep changing tagboards, if no one tag how? left like that, empty and dead, so please dont change the tagboards. if you think the blogskin or tagboards is not nice, please tell us and dont change it on your own because maybe later the class blog messed up. Tell us and if we say yes, then can change. If keep changing the tagboard, all our talking inside there wasted right? If spam, then can change, okay? But its better if you just delete the spam or something. :D i hope you guys understand. im not blaming anyone, just a reminder. :D


Written by; 6B`ians

Saturday, August 1, 2009

heyhey everybody ,
changed the tagboard to the previous one .
and i changed the skin too .
cos jermaine said it was too plain .
i agree too .
i relinked myself and serene also .
since im feeling so free ?
hahah , just kidding .

- Adilah ^-^

Written by; 6B`ians

OMG! Sorry :c
erm, while editing the codes.
edited the wrong things.
the tagboard was corrupted.
so i had to make a new one.
if any moderator have the previous tagboard code, you can make it back.
if don't have, you all don't like the colour of the tagboard.
the ID is 6B09rocks and password is same as the blogger one.
and the main font of this blog i don't know how to make back.
the background i changed, hope you all like it.
so sorry for the whole thing.


Written by; 6B`ians

i siao liaos.
I got my own blog to blog at then i come here blog.
This is call crazy.
I very sian.
Went to ETP just now.
Not fun de.
No less ppl.


Written by; 6B`ians

hello again, humans.
erm, can request for changing blogskin?
cause very plain , mwahaha -.-
if don't one never mind luhh.
only requesting for it, hahas.

gah, im so damn bored.
haha. who is irritated with homework?
lol. im obviously talking crap and blahh.
hais, now Mr Lee don't allow taking pictures.
anyway i understand no handphones allowed.
so fine, i'll find more pictures and entertainment for you guys to see.
maybe will be posting again..
remember keep this blog alive, not only by posting black and white text.
lalala. wakakaa. i'll be going..


Written by; 6B`ians

and dont forget to post more !
and help keep this blog ALIVE .
tags would also be needed !

~ Adilah♥

Written by; 6B`ians

hello , im posting next .
but i dont know what to say .
i know what to say .
prelim has started and psle is coming .
i would want to wish everybody ,
lets make sure we would go to a good school .
many of us want to go to
anderson , but i dunno why ?
nvms .
btw , next friday nid wear red t-shirt .
getting it ready .
nothing more to post , so byes .
ps. i know this post is CRAP !

~ Adilah♥

Written by; 6B`ians

hello people of earth.
thank you for visiting this blog.
lol, okay, i'll stop crapping around.
so i find this funny video from youtube.com

i haven't watch yet. tell me if its funny or maybe not.
if not nice then just delet it.
last minute quick search post.
byebye and nights (:
anyone posting next?


Written by; 6B`ians